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Feb 24, 2009
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Thanks to bpetruzzo, I learned a few things about making a photo look older. I love the way old photos look with all their imperfections so I tried to add what I could without it looking to fake. Tell me what you think of the processing.


This one was done with bpetruzzo's instructions in his recent thread, although this isn't as cool.
I think the second is more effective than the first from a "vintage" standpoint, although all of the light leaks I've ever experienced have been red on color negative film (there's a scientific reason for this, but I forget what it is). I do think the processing in the first is interesting though- the only thing that's throwing me is sprocket hole placement. If it's 35mm you're going for, shouldn't they be little wider? If you want the maskless 35mm-in-a-Holga look, you can make the exposure go all the way to the edge completely encompassing the sprocket holes. It just seems s little odd.
Thanks for the feedback! I've never actually seen a ruined roll of color film in person so I have no idea what colors/effects it has. Also, didn't take into account the actual size of the sprocket holes but I assumed they'd be bigger. I wanted to include them in the framing but I couldn't make them look right (although these aren't accurate either). I'll have to find some images of the film frames to replicate. Thanks again!

PS: Here is where I got the idea for the sprocket holes.
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Looks good. I love the retro look you tried on these.
Hey, looks good! I definitely think the second looks more authentic, although it looks like you might have some dropout showing up in your shadows from the film-grain filter. That would, of course, be a digital tell tale. I had some of that too, I just used the burn in tool to clear it up.

The negative scan look is almost certainly going to be more challenging to get looking genuine. I fooled with it a bit, but couldn't come up with a technique swiftly enough to not give up. But, I was having pretty good success with exposure adjustment layers and masking around the holes. Here's as far as I got with my fooling around.


It's a little closer to the original reference point, but still probably too exaggerated. If you're going to realistic, I would explore some more use the exposure and brightness adjustment layers. That seems to be a pretty promising avenue.
Very cool! I wish I had some experience shooting color film beyond a disposable camera so I could know exactly what some of the imperfections look like. I'll take your advice with the adjustment layers and see what I come up with. And good advice with the shadows on the 2nd. That one probably looks best because I used your method! Thanks again!

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