Anyone Interested in Nikon F / F2 / F3 Vintage Finders and other same Era Stufff?


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Oct 29, 2008
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I have several Vintage Nikon view finders that I am willing to sell (once I can establish fair market value for them, which is proving difficult to do), or trade for Nikon Digital SLR compatible items, open to what you may have to offer.

As well as offering these for sale, I am also interested in trading for certain Nikon DSLR bodies, some Nikkor (or possibly Sigma, Tamron, Tokina) lenses (including AF primes 35mm 50mm, 60mm, 85mm, 105mm), or for SB-400 / SB-600, and I am looking for another Tamrac Model 610 / 612 camera bag in EC.

I KNOW that these items have value to the right person (if they are out there), once I find out how much they are really worth...

Nikon finders I have ~

1.) F3 Action Finder DA-2. In EC++, Original gold Nikon box and foam.

2.) F2 6X Focusing Finder DW-2 EC++, Original gold Nikon box and foam.

3.) F2S EE Aperture Control Attachment DS-1. EC++, but comes in an Original gold Nikon box and foam that is marked for a DS-4. Also comes with original Nikon Instruction Manual.

4.) Nikon F2S Photomoc Finder DP-2. EC++, but comes in an Original gold Nikon box and foam that is marked for a DP-12.

5.) Nikon Waist Level Finder for F3 DW-3. EC++. No box, foam, packaging, or papers, but still in very nice condition EC++.

6.) Nikon Waist level Finder (Model # unknown) but I know it to be a very early Vintage finder. 3 sided finder, marked Nippon Kogaku Tokyo. EC++

7.) Nikon E (landscape grid) focusing screen. LIKE NEW, original box
and papers.

All of these items are in wonderful condition. Most of them came from displays in a camera store, and others were used or traded in, but all have been carefully packed away for many years.

For any item I can determine fair market value from a retail camera store, willing to discount 20-25% from that price if sold for cash or by PayPal.

I have a total of maybe 30 other same Era Nikon items from F / F2 / F3 vintage, but do not have any bodies, motor drives or Nikkor lenses.

Will be happy to answer your questions, or email complete list of items, or individual photographs to anyone who asks for them.

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