Anyone name their camera?


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Sep 18, 2015
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Just about every car I have owned I have named. The current group is Jenna, Little One and Cavy but sometimes they get more colorful like Jezebel, Big Dog and BUFF. (big ugly fat fu--er.) It goes with out saying the wifes Toyota remains nameless because no one can love a Toyota. But least I digress. Anyone get attached enough to their camera to name it?
No, but the amount of gear it makes me think I need I should call it gold digger
I had one years ago that I named "jammin' piece of worthless junk."
Other than that, no. I tend to call them by their model numbers, my 7000 and my 800.

I was never very good at naming my cars either. In fact, I've had my current car for a couple of years now and still haven't come up with a suitable name.
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Most of my gear is named, "Now where the he11 did I put that!?!?!"
I call mine shaky. Always out of focus, darn camera.

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No. But I tell them to go f**k themselves every time I use them at least once.
It's important to establish dominance.

I also use them to take photos of the equipment I plan to replace them with.
It's like forcing a man to dig his own grave and then changing your mind and letting him live.

Don't take crap from your equipment.
I call it my "x". I've had two in a row that are "my x".
I just used the names they already had when I adopted them.
My car is Lucille.

My cameras? Well, I sometimes call the Mamiya C330 "The Beast" which makes the Mamiya 645, "Baby Beast" but otherwise, the most I do is shorten the names. So, the Lubitel becomes Luby, the Spotmatic is Spot, and the Land Camera is sometimes the Pola.
Admittedly, I call my RB67 "BA". Bad Azz, or Boat Anchor.... either works. And the Tamron 150-600 I call the Tamzooka.

My Tair 135/2.8 I'm trying to come up with a moniker other than the tired, worn-out Bokeh King or Bokeh Monster.

My Shen Hao has been called lots of things, but mostly "Damn!"
My D 50's name is - Brian Jefferson Lincoln Wilson Frank George Paul Leo Lizzaraza.
My D 300s's name is - Frank Arlo Bill Richard Steve Charles John Herbert Rodriquez IV.
This my camera, Derrel. And this is my other camera, Derrel.

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