Anyone use a Nikon Coolpix?


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May 25, 2003
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I think the range Im looking at are the 5400 and up?
Im not really sure which is which. I know they are bloody expensive!

Anyone have one of these babies?
I've just sold my Coolpix 4500, as I am trading up to a Canon G5. I did have a look at the Coolpix 5400's, but they don't seem as robust as the G5. Thus tomorrow I'm going to be ordering a G5 over this wonderful internet thing. Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week :)

So yes, I'd choose the G5 over the 5400. But thats partially down to personal preference, and partly due to the few extra features of the Canon.
hehe i know min!

im bad, i want to upgrade my digital already
its just not capable of what i want it to be...

shocker i know..
I own a Coolpix 5400 and I love the thing. I also looked at the Canon 5S (I think). I walked up to both cameras never holding them before. I turned each on and played with them. The Nikon was more intuitive and easier to control. I could hardly get the Canon to operate. The Nikon also felt better in my hands. I find that the Nikon is very fast to change modes and settings with minimal user interface.

I hope this helps you a little...might confuse you more :)

yes the G5 is a better camera than the 5400, but the Nikon 5700 is better than the G5, in terms of add-ons go, the G5 add-ons dont seem to work to great with the camera, so if you looking for add-ons, go with the 5700
:crazy: <-- that's what looking at cameras is doing to me!

Today I looked at the Cooplix 5400. I've got my income tax refund burning a hole in my pocket and I can't make up my mind!!!!

It's gonna drive me to drink! :drunk:
i am using 5400
although it has 28mm wide lens
CCD is only 1/1.8
the photo nosie are quite obvuisly at the night
however the ISO50 setting has improved this problem
It has same problem with 5700,8700
It can not focus at the night or low light enviorment

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