Anyone used the phottix tetra wireless triggers from ebay?


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Feb 25, 2009
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Tetra Speedlight/Studio Flash Trigger with 3 Receivers - eBay (item 170323363555 end time Apr-26-09 20:58:41 PDT)

I have a couple of phottix pieces and have really been impressed with them. I am thinking on grabbing a set of these wireless triggers. I have seen people here talk about the cactux v2 and 301 model triggers on ebay. Has anyone used the phottix ones? If not, I may give them a shot and review them.

I have their batteries and another simple wireless trigger for my speedotron strobes. So far, they have all worked VERY well.
someone on a different forum advised against them in favour of the cactus ones, but i dunno. just save up your money and get some cybersyncs or pocketwizards.
Thanks. Which forum was that? I would like to go read about it.
I have used the Cactus wireless trigger, and it worked well. I've used it for weddings, and other location shooting. I would love to get a bunch of pocketwizards, but the Cactus was a decent cheaper, temporary, fix.

I also have a Photix wireless shutter release, and it also works fine. Only downside with this unit is you can't view your shots with it plugged into the camera. Strange.
I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that it's the same product with a slightly different exterior.

Good guess. Those are just rebadged PT-041's.

Personally, if I was a beginner and wanted to play with wireless, the Cactus V2s are the best. Out of the box they can do about 30 feet. With a simple modification, you can increase range to over 350 feet reliably.

I've decided to go the way of the pocket wizards and picked up 3 PW IIs and when the TTL versions come out for Nikon in a couple of months, I will get 4 of the FlexTT5s for my needs.
Pocket Wizards are great. I'mjust not sure I need all their features right now. I plan on getting one of the off brand ones for now.
BTW. Where do you order the cactus units? I did not see them on Ebay.
Found them.
Cactus can be bought direct from from china, or from in Ohio.
I would suggest either direct from who made them (gadgetinfinity) or if you are in the USA, from MPEX in Ohio.

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