Architectural photography, what is it?


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Aug 7, 2003
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I know what it is to the extent that it's buildings (interior and exterior). But I have seen some photographs of doorknobs with funky looking designs, and some type of cement block that was round, and it had these bumps that made a pattern...?

If anyone had an easy understanding explanation why these things would be considered architecture, or point me to a website, that would be super great ;)
i have on my website, something called "architecual space" ... not necessarily just buildings, but all things considered to build them ... but i wouldnt exactly call it "architecture" in the traditional sense .... just the way i see it :D ... and i wouldnt make all my buildings straight and aligned properly :?
Thank you, Dew. I'll check it out more, because you're the one who I saw that stuff on. Mind if I put a link of yur website one mine?

Nukie, why bother saying that? As if I didn't know a search engine is a possible key to my answer.

I'm on a forum that seemed to be (I guess I was wrong) a place to call for help.

Everyone else can do it, so why can't I?

My goal was to get somewhat fast and easy answers to my question from a place where I should be able to get personal thoughts and experiences on.
photong said:
Everyone else can do it, so why can't I?
Cause that makes it so much better.

Why don't you try posting some of these images, and asking for peoples opinions on why they would and wouldn't fit into Architectural Photography. Instead of keeping us in the dark, talking about "doorknobs with funky looking designs, and some type of cement block that was round" but with no pictures.

Its like asking for help asking why a photo was overexposed, but without posting any technical data of the settings that were on the camera. The people can't help much if you don't give us much to go on.
i figured im the only "freak" that takes photos of doorknobs :lol: ... i've been a strange cat all my life :D
no i dont mind the link, i'll email u a banner :wink:
Nukie, it's not right to post other people's pictures without their permission, and it would take too long to ask around. I also couldn't find the website again at that moment.

Dew, the other poster on this board, that is where I saw the photographs. So go look around for them on the website and you can see what I mean *raspberry*

I think most people could have figured out what I was talking about.

Again, I figured I would find some personal opinions right here where I can get it live, not some website. It gives me a better feeling of the information.

This has nothing to do with anything of that level.

This has to do with something that has a definition but also is subjective.

While under-exposed photos are still subjective (they can help with the over all mood of the photograph-some say yes-others say no), I'm sorry that I was wondering why someone would consider a doorknob with a design architecutural.

No matter what, who ever is willing should give guidence no matter how "stupid" the question is. Sorry that I didn't find my ponders stupid.

I'm not going to bother with anymore of your replies. I've explained myself.
Thank you, Dew. I don't know if my email address is in my profile, if not get it off my website ;D

Bah..I've taken pictures of some of the oddest stuff, and no one understands it unless I explain ;)

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