Are the ebay packages worth it?

To be honest. I stay away from them only because they aren't worth it. The only thing that I would buy if I had the 40D would be the 50mm Prime and it wouldn't be the 1.8, ether. I'd get, and I stand by the 50mm f/ 1.4 only because of the superior build.

The other thing that I would by and stand by is the Remote, as it works quite well. Otherwise everything is not something that I would use only because it's not going to be beneficial or it's going to make your photos look bad.

I tend to say away from them because the CF cards might be big but are off brand and will fail with some good images on them, trust me. It's happened and it makes you spend the 40 bucks for a 8GB CF card.

The tripods are walmart brands and will break, while they might be good. You can find better for the same price.

The Flashes aren't TTL and won't really work with your camera. They might even cause voltage problems.

So TBH, they might seam good but you'd be better just buying the 40D body and buying everything separate.

Feel free to correct me, anyone.
no. most of the things in there are garbage.
Hi I'm a first time buyer and have spent a good amount of time lately trying to figure out what the deal is about these ebay retailers and the impression I'm getting is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!!!! People have gotten things that are supposedly new but have visible wear and tear, the lenses are crap, you don't get a warranty etc. etc., the list goes on.

I think B+H is selling a refurbished 40D (the person I spoke to from the store said it was a demo model that was sent back to be adjusted back to manufact. specs) for $745... I was really tempted to get that but I opted (this morning actually) to go with the T1i. Good luck!
i bought a camera there once and it turned out to be a Mikon and im like wtf? serves me right thinking i could buy a nikon d300 for $100
No - the vast majority of stuff there is crap. Hell, I'd say that everything there is crap because I'm a Nikon guy :p

But in all seriousness - the other point about it is, if it's a Buy It Now and it's been up for over 24 hours then 99% of the time (at least for photography equipment) it's a ripoff, because if it was a good deal it would have been snapped up by pro buyers. In fact, anytime I visit eBay anymore I just filter out the BIN stuff because it, well, belongs in the bin.

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