ARGH! I want my old Stereo back!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by airgunr, Jan 11, 2006.

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    :banghead: OK, I am definitely showing my age here. My trusty old stereo reciever died at the end of last year. I got a new Suround sound reciever (Pioneer VSX 56TXi or something....) for Christmas. (Looks like you can't even find a stereo system anymore)

    The damned thing is making my brains bleed trying to wire all the components together and I don't have room in the cabinet anymore for my turntable and cassette deck (I know their outdated but I've still got lots of music for them)

    After several days and bouts with the manuals I've got most of the stuff to work (I think) but don't know how to record from the TV or DVD to my VCR or Vis-a- Versa.:grumpy:

    Then I come to the speakers! I've got a nice pair of Hayden Vienna speakers but will they work with the new system? Noooooooo! :madass: So I go and buy a new set of speakers with the subwoofer and stuff. Now as I'm reading the installation instructions the setups of the speakers are different and the configuration of the speakers are different from the Reciever to the Subwoofer ( you have to run all the speakers through it!) :banghead: The reciever says to set them up one way but it's totally different from what the speakers instructions say to do! :scratch: :banghead:

    I WANT MY OLD STEREO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!:grumpy:

    I think I need a 12 year old to come over and set this stupid system up. Hell, I'd even buy him a case of beer to do it! Thanks for letting me vent.


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