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Arizona sunset, one of my first shots.


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May 10, 2003
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Hey guys. (and gals!) Im relatively new to the world of photography so I dont have ALOT to share but i'll be submitting a few. Anyways, I took this about a week ago out in the boonies of arizona. It's of the sun setting in arizona. A pretty basic picture with some flare because of the clouds and beams of light. I have more shots at my site (although they have all been resized to 640x480 there. the url is in my sig) but this is one of my fav's.


Anyways, took that with my new Olympus C-4000 which is a VERY good camera for the price. I'll be venturing 150 miles out to sedona az this afternoon just for some shots. i'm a sucker for this stuff now.
Very nice shots. Very dramatic first shot. The size difference is interesting in the second one.

Well done! :D
Thats a great sunset! very beautiful picture. I love the flower as well,(kind of partial to close ups).


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