At Lunch with Pigeons (C&C)


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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I was so thankful that these seagulls didn't let me eat alone, I sure enjoyed the company and the willingness to let me take photos of them:


#2 - See what you get Seagull??? Lunch with Drex and get your foot cut off!


Jeesh, it looks like the foggy lens is really effecting your IQ... Everything looks a little hazy and flat. :(
Yeah, it gives it a glow, huh? I think some of the glow issue might be from the 3x converter as well. I'll try again some other time with it off of the 50mm...
It mostly looks like CA and just general lack of sharpness. I'd like to see a 50mm shot in a side by side comparison.
From what I've found out in a different thread is not to have that 50mm wide as soon as I get off work, I'll head back down there, take the converter off, shoot with just the 50mm and post them here tomorrow morning or something...
You should also bring Alka Seltzer, Saltines, and some Peanut Butter. Talk about good shots waiting to happen.
Did those pigeons join the Seagull's Union or what???
Yeah, I just noticed that myself Derrel, but I won't excuse it on anything that may incriminate me. So here is the shot as promised earlier without the 3x converter simply the 50mm at f4, 1/500, ISO 100 at 17:22 Central:

Those are seagulls lol...
Ditch the 3x tube. If you want reach, get a longer lens.

Haze aside:
#1 Wingtips cut off
#2 Feet cut off
#3 Nothing cut off, but still just a boring photo.
#4 The best of the four.
I know that...I'm saving for it...if I had enough for one right now, we wouldn't even be having this conversation....but yeah, definitely need to lay off the 3x...good advice...

So am I right in assuming this is one of the (if not THE) best photo I've taken...I know I thought it was the garbage can...
Told you that 3x would be soft as all hell. I had a 2x that ( while not as quite as bad as that ) I ditched and went down to the 1.4x just to make sure it was still good IQ. Definately get a longer lens. I mean 50mm at 3x? Pick up a Tamron 70-300mm and it will open up a whole new world for you on the cheap. Just make sure you keep your shutter speed up with no IS.

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