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Aug 7, 2009
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Western NC
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So the company I work for asked each location to take a themed photo of their staff. I decided why not take it a step further and make something unusual out of multiple shots. I haven't really tried this before now, but I had fun making it. Let me know what you think.

Haha real nice!
Very creative. A couple of things bug me though:

The sky doesn't work for me.
The mermaid's dress / tail transition is very hard. Perhaps the dress need to end more naturally?
The swordfish / hyperdermic seems to be swimming at the glass. He might need repositioning, or have one making a turn if you can?

Neptune is cool :D
Really sorry about this, but it's sort of one of those "once you see it you cannot unsee it" things.

Fokker, is it really that cold in NZ? :mrgreen:
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Mr. Barney: The Dress (Scrubs actually not that it matters) /tail may be a matter of a little more masking of the layers, I will see if I can make it look more natural and not so much as if the clothes are part of the mermaid. I agree about the shark too, I'll see if I can warp it a bit to make it seem like it's turning. As for the sky it isn't really believable, but I think it looks better than just the filter grating up there.

Fokker.... Thanks for making my day, that was hilarious. Unfortunately I didn't actually take a tall enough shot to have her legs go all the way to the bottom of the tank.

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