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Oct 11, 2007
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I know the exposure on this shot is not the best. Had some problems today, didn't realize I was on manual and forgot to adjust my time, usually shoot Aperature priority. I think I got the framing thing a little better. C&C are welcomed and appreciated. As I previewed it I realized The top and bottome are different widths, I'll work on that later.

Is this picture any better? I enhanced the color, a little, I'm not real good with PP yet.
I like the curve your heads form. However, I don't think the tree growing out your heads is the most attractive POV.

I think I may have cropped a bit tighter so the sawed off end of the log is not in view.
I think this is probably just me; and I have no idea the circumstances this photo was shot - i.e. photo for hire or friends you went camping with.

But if I were hired to take a family portrait of anybody, the first thing I tell them is to wear natural, solid color clothes. Not that it has to be a "uniform" but to me, this looks snapshot-ish (and it may very well be). The photo to me looks disconnected from a continuity prospective. Green flip-flops, gray crocks, 3 different color shirts - all with writing on it. I'm not sure I'd want to hang that print over the couch.

Honestly... not a photo thing... it's a clothes thing to me. Good job for the most part. You already have the "tree growing out of the head" comment.
Well, it is yourself with wife and daughter, isn't it? Camera on tripod. Self-timer?

The camera was not aligned well enough, the horizon is slanted and with water as the background (which you cannot say was "a hill" ;)), it always looks somewhat disconcerting ... the photo will eventually leak ;)!

I feel that - assuming placing the tripod anywhere nearer to where you were sat was not an option at the time of taking the photo - cropping in post processing should be considered to eliminate anything that is distracting from the three of you. Which would be the blown-out water of the river, among other things, so get really close!

The frame as such looks good - plain black - and the second version is clearly the more pleasing to the eye.
Yeah it was a quick shot of me my wife and youngest, we didn't go out with the intention of taking a "family portrait" we were out getting pictures of the scenery. I acutally used a remote for this shot. As far as it not being level, I'm not sure if my tripod was not leveled, which I normally do, or if when I flipped it up at 90 degres I didn't pay attention to the horizon. It's a POS tripod and a pain to tighten, it was like 15 bucks 5 years ago, bought it for my video camera. I am really having a problem with this horizon and water for some reason. Maybe my eye is sideways I see it now looking at it, but in camera it always looks straight to me I guess I spent more time on the log then the water. Ehh live an learn, wonder if I can squew it in PS then re-crop? Something to work on. Thanks for the comments
Okay minus the tree and the remotes that we are each using does this look good for a crop and fixed horizon? Or am I still missing something besides so more minor color editing?

No. Not missing anything. This is the good version. I think that with this one you're there.
I like the new crop and I totally missed the fact that you were shooting this remotely.

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