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Nov 5, 2003
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Last is my fav!

Overexposure issues in 2.
Wish I could see more of her face in 1.
3 is cute.

Focus looks good. :)
i think she hated the experience.
1. A cute idea, but I would like to see the composition changed slightly, so that there was more of her face visible and that the bottom was cropped just enough to remove the 'open' space where you can see her shirt. As well, it seems slightly soft overall to me.

2. As mentioned, some exposures issues. Her shirt has blown areas, as well as hot spots on her cheek and nose. This was a tough shot, and you've done well, but the use of a reflector or fill-flash image left would have helped greatly. As well your background is a little too focused, and rather distracting.

3. Cute; I would have preferred to see more leaves, especially image right, and a slight brightening, as the detail of her hair is lost. I might have removed her hair bow for this one, it's a little hard to see exactly what it is.

4. A cute, rather whimsical image with good exposure and background.

Some nice work; I think both #1 and 4 would make excellent square crops.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

Thanks, I appreciate all the your suggestions and will take them with me, each time I get a little bit better. I appreciate those who take the time to guide me in the right direction!
I think the choice of having her wear a white top works against you. Look at that bottom photo -- if the top was a dark or middle tone, her face would be much more the center of attention.
I think other than #1 these all have pretty good composition. Just need to get her to smile : ). I know from my experience this weekend that working with a white shirt and a bright sky is tough so good job there. I love the colors in these pictures and they look very sharp.
I like 3 &4! #2 is overexposed and she looks hunched or something.... Her position just seems off.
I found another image same as the one next to the tree that was a bit darker/ almost too dark in spots, but again a bit overexposed. I tried a bit of selective burning and dodging... I don't really like the shadow on her face in this one. I'm really getting frustrated with fixed flash, this payday I'm getting a cord for my flash....

So thoughts, is it better?

Ehh... a bit too extreme for my tastes. Don't forget that a simple piece of white card stock, say 24x36 can be invaluable as a reflector for situations like this.

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