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Aug 1, 2005
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these are hard to edit...each one could go in three or four completely different directions and im never sure which direction will tell the story better.

Im almost done with this series and on to happier times in Dresden/Berlin
i think i will be posting 2 more series from Auschwitz.

So here they are.

the retreating germans bombed the cremation chambers as the Red army swept into Poland. This is the creamitorium at Auschwitz II. Approximately 1.5-2 million people were killed in Auschwitz II. Many of their bodies were burned in this building. Jews at the camp would comb through the ashes of the dead and removed the gold fillings.


Sunset over the Camp

Lock on a Door. I think this is my favorite picture, or to me the picture that captures the most from this series
I don't have much to say. I just stare at these pictures. I've been really enjoying the Auschwicz series. The pics definitely evoke emotion for me, and do tell a story. What more is needed to say, besides thank you. :)
Love them all....especially the window and the the door, great job.

I have really enjoyed this series as well. These pics really captured the darkness....the dispare...and the horror of it all.
I personally don't like the massively thick border that you've put on all of them, seems a little imposing. Also, that first one has way too much contrast to my eyes, difficult to even look at!
thanks for the kind words, and nomination, im glad they tell a story

as for the border, i will experiment with different types, i just put the border i generally use for all pics on, i have a ton of picture from the Berlin Holocost memorial, and i'll take that into consideration when im editing those. To some extent, i want them to be imposing, i felt pretty damn imposed upon when i was there.
as for the contrast, the first in this series was the hardest pictures to edit and i tried a ton of different things, if i ever get the gumption to revisit these, i'll deffinatly redo with that in mind.

thanks again for looking, hopefully i can end this series soon

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