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    ok heres the deal i setup a photoshoot and the owner meets up for shots (cars inline are a Dodge Viper, Lotis Elise, and a Testarossa) they get one 8x12 high gloss framed and then a multi frame (like) four of more creative angles. and such. along with a disc on the disc they get a custom Screensavor application of 12 or so pictures of thier car. also on the disc they will get some shots as well (probally the same 12) they will have the rights to do with what they please except resell the images.

    what is a fair price to ask per shoot. keeping in mind most of these are high end cars. i will also be hosting a site where people can view and purchase my work maybe of the same cars i shot here.

    any advise would be great.[​IMG]


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