Autumn Sunset


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Jan 29, 2006
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Hey all,​

Took this pic out in the country, lol. It's a little blurry, I'll admit - I don't have a tripod, so I do the best I can with certain subjects lol.​


I think the sunsets in the Fall and Winter are a lot more beautiful than during any other time of the year. Maybe it's just that I love the seasons so much lol, but it just seems that way to me.​

Like I said, nothing award winning lol. But it was an awesome, brilliant sunset and I thought I'd share it ^^​

C&C welcome, thanks for lookin :)
Too much dead space with no detail in the foreground (on the ground level) and in the sky (lack of clouds etc.).
Take a look at a lot more sunset photos to see how they are done.

To add on skieur's critique, the sun is also directly in the center of the photo. Usually you want to off center it to follow the "rule of thirds". Plus the lens flare is extremely distracting, in my opinion. Photoshop can help fix that issue sometimes, however.

Just keep tryin. :wink:
lol Hey all,

Thanks for the critique ^^ - without it, we'd never get any better.

I did mention that I know that's not a perfect picture. Thinking back on it now maybe I should've posted it in the snapshots rather than the 'Good Photos' forum lol. But either way, I do realize a lot's wrong with it. I'm amateur and honestly do better I think anyway with architecture/statues/etc than I do with nature. Either way, thanks again for the critique, like I said, we all need it to improve ^^ - I appreciate it.

Take care ya'll :wink:

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