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May 23, 2007
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Hey everyone, does B&H have sale prices on boxing day?
what's boxing day?
Well, let me tell you a story. The day after Christmas, the 26th, all of the stores turn into zoos, with people trampling each other, I do not participate in this. There are usually crazy bargains on this day, hence the trampling.:mrgreen:
Its a canadian holiday.. and since B&H is in new york.. probably not, but you can hope!
Its a canadian holiday.. and since B&H is in new york.. probably not, but you can hope!

Ah, I see, I never knew that it's only in Canada. Thanks.
Not too mention they probably won't be celebrating Christmas either...
From what I understand, B&H is run mostly by people of the Jewish faith...thus, their holiday schedule probably doens't include Christmas & Boxing Day...which is a Canadian holiday anyway.
Boxing Day, as far as I know, in the U.S., is when retailers offer outrageous discounts on top of already discounted items and regular merchandise. I believe it's usually for employees of the store, and their relatives. However, you commonly see the "employee discount" type sale at a lot of retailers.
I remember working parttime at Polo, Ralph Lauren. We would get something like 75% off anything on one day, just before the holidays. It ruled!
We're not doing anything special for Boxing Day. We will be closed Dec 25th and wish you all the felicitations of the season and a Happy New year.
boxing day is only in Canada? well...that's interesting...
That Wikipedia link says that it's 'celebrated' in the Commonwealth countries...so you can include the UK, Australia & New Zealand as well.
Yup, its a real zoo. Then again we don't have their Black Friday. :D
Oh, I've been out on boxing day. I just thought it was celebrated everywhere...
It would make sense to me...the day after christmas...best time to have sales, cause half the people won't show up lol
Correct me if I'm wrong, but England and Australia celebrate Boxing Day as well. Can't remember if it like a Black Friday thing or not, but it's a day to open pressies.

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