b&w mountain range.


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Aug 11, 2007
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Eugene, Oregon
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This started as a color photo but I ended up converting it. What do you think? I just attached the color version so you can see what it looked like before. I think converting it to b&w saved this pic!

By domromer

By domromer
Needs a 1-2 degree tilt to the left to straighten the horizon. Would make for a great traditional print, especially with some toning.
Nice shot, where was this taken?
Looks alot like Ansel Adam's Grand Teton photograph.
Nice capture. I was standing in that same spot in October. You had much better lighting.

I got chased off by a Park Ranger. Thunderstorms were rolling in and there was a Tornado Warning for the area. I was just about ready to set up my tripod and try to capture some of the Lightning in the mountains. Never had the chance to get back up there.
Looks alot like Ansel Adam's Grand Teton photograph.

Thats what I thought, I couldn't find his actual photo though. The weird thing is that I'm taking an art class and we are doing artist books, My book is based on Ansel Adams. We are supposed to show how our artist influenced our work. I'd like to find a copy of his Teton shot an put mine and his side by side in the book.

Found it....just a bit more dramatic than mine!

By domromer
I disagree with it needing a tilt, since the ridge in the photo seems to be closer to you on the right and further away on the left. However, Ansel's seems to be tilted too far to the left.

It's very interesting to see the difference in the trees between the two shots, since Ansel's is probably 50 years old, you can see how much the trees have matured. A lot of the river gets obscured, and the inner bend of the river has much larger trees also.
P.S. I agree it's better in b&w, though.
beauty i'd hang it in my home

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