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Dec 22, 2014
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South Korea
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Recently shot a beautiful 1983 Porsche 930. This car has 35k original miles on it, and the closest thing to not being stock on the car are the wheels, which are original replicas. I love these mid-80's Porsches the wide rear end and curvaceous body are just sexy.

Sorry I don't have EXIF right now for these, but any C&C is welcome, I'm trying to improve. One thing I do want to know is if these look somewhat dark for anyone else. I think they look ok on any screen but then when I print them they look dark; is that a normal problem? Really any comments you guys have I ask for.

I hadn't originally planned on shooting the woman at all, but he called a couple hours before and asked if he could get his wife in a couple photos. At that point I was thinking "oh no, the snowball starts here", but it all went smooth and actually turned out better than I thought.

This car was dark and hard to light at night, which led to me having to boost shadows a lot, so not sure there's enough contrast in this one:

I posted up a couple of the color shots here: Porsche 930

Any critiques or words you guys have are welcome.

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