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Jun 24, 2013
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Liberty Lake, Washington
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Hi, My name is Charlie Matthews. I live in the Pacific Northwest. From the early 80s to the mid 90s while I was living in Southern California, I had a good side business. I spent most weekends shooting all kinds of photography. Did not make a lot of money, but it did pay for a lot of camera and lighting equipment. When my day job moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1995, I was not able to get the business going again so in a major snit I sold off all of my gear. I'm retired now and bored so I decided to just get back to my true love - photography. So Sunday, I purchased a Nikon 7100 with a 18-105 lens, 70-300 lens, and 85 macro. I sure wish I had held on to some of the lenses I sold in 1996, but that is water over the dam. I may not make any money, but I sure will enjoy capturing images. I'll be adding glass as I learn to get the most oout of this camera. It is kind of like having a darkroom in my hand.
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