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Backdrop Stands?


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I want to order a backdrop that is fairly portable. I've been getting calls for newborns and I really like to either have something set up in my house or if they can not come to me, I will bring it there.
Really, right now that will be the only reason to use a backdrop stand.
and my budget is right around 50-75 dollars.
Thanks again
Some of the e-Bay type stands with two rather tall (12 or 13 foot) light stands and a crossbar are actually not too bad!! And the prices are reasonably low as well. These light stands are made affordable by being rather tall, two-section style, which is much easier to manufacture than say, three-section stands, so they are rather LONG when collapsed, but they are low cost. You can disassemble the crossbar and collapse the stands and fit the entire thing into a canvas or nylon bag that's roughly 50-55 inches long, I'd estimate. The eBay and online background suppliers all seem to have more or less the same thing, which is made 'offshore' and OEM'd to multiple vendors. These kits will hold a muslin or paper or fabric backdrop quite easily.
Well, I like my Savage Port-A-Stand. I can't speak to anything else because I've never used anything else, but the Port-a-stand + 2-4 sandbags works for me in every situation that I've used it in. I really, really recommend using sandbags with your stand, you don't want your stand moving on you and you can DIY them or spend a few bucks to buy premade ones.

You can find the Savage port-a-stand with a roll of white seamless from Adorama for around $110, I think. Well worth it.

It's hard when you're on a budget and the good stuff is more than you want to spend, but TRUST that if you buy cheap, you get cheap. Savage does do an Economy stand that is around 65$, but it doesn't go as wide or as tall as the Port-A-Stand. HTH.

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