Backlighting that works??? .. Maybe?


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Mar 12, 2010
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I've been trying for several weeks now to get a good shot with back lighting that really works, and I *think* that mayyyyybe it actually did this time!

Too hazy? Is the field too yellow? Other thoughts?

This is from the same senior shoot from Sunday...still working through editing, and a little over halfway finished now =)


I like it .. Keep up the good work. Black and white will look lovely too on this photo. I wish I can see the better resolution photo.
As a complete noob looking at this my first impression is she blends in too much with the light and is lost. I think there is too much definition lost in its softness and haze.
There is also a strange yellow to brownish distortion on the lower right.
Sorry, but still a great fan.
it works except not sure of the right side on the field, but yes like those backlighting
I really like it, aside from the flare or whatever on camera left of subject.
it works except not sure of the right side on the field, but yes like those backlighting

The right side is an issue.

I really like it, aside from the flare or whatever on camera left of subject.

The flare or oof area to the left is very distracting.

A higher resolution version may help this photo as we can see it, which would make my points moot.
Thanks for all the comments, guys. I like to hear some outside perspective, especially for pictures that I've grown personally attatched to.

The distortion you're seeing mid-leftish in the front of the frame was a blade wheat, blurred in the foreground. I tried to get some blades up front purposely to help frame the picture, but I think they sort of just became hazy blurs. I still kind of like it, but I do agree with it being distracting technically.

I can at least fix the brownish distortion on the bottom right, it's added lens vignette in lightroom.

Thanks for your thoughts, I'll post more up soon..still editing away =)
This one is too over the top for me. I've seen the serious of shots that you took w/ this lovely lady and there really is no reason for all the extra PP..... Just a personal preference. But I can see how you like it in a very artsy way....=)
Keep Shootin!!!
She seems to be bracketed by some ghosting....I do not like that. Also, the heavy vignetting in the lower right hand corner is really,really working against the flowers...the vignetting is counterproductive in my opinion. The lower left corner is not vignetted, but the LRC is, thus drawing undue attention to the manipulation of the image.
Here are two more, taken at about the same time. I did a much smaller amount of processing on these than the first... I don't think they feel the same, and she doesn't seem to be "glowing" as much as I liked in the first... But to your eyes are these improved or worse?


What bugs me is that really bright sky behind her...that is very distracting to my eye. ALso, these are so,so small that the effect is not very visible. I think you've down-sized these beyond the point of impact; some types of editing lose a huge amount of impact when the images are sized too small. What you are seeing on-screen might very well have a better "look" than what we're seeing, 'cause these are the size of a cigarette pack on my monitor,and her head is smaller than a thumbtack head on-screen, and that large bright sky area is the size of a 50 cent piece, the effect YOU are seeing on your computer is probably different than these as shown here. Just a thought...
This is the new "in" style. I really like it, but it almost seems the trend now to blow out the person to almost unrecognizable state, I've seen this picture 1000's of times before, in the field super bright edit, blown out sky.... only thing that changes is the subject, sometimes it is kids, sometimes seniors, sometimes babies, sometimes maternity....
I know what you're saying ababy.. But this was the first time I actually pulled it off in a way that didn't looking completely horrid =P I don't mind following trends occasionally if it's something I really like, and as long as there is something in the image reflective of my own style, kwim? In this one.. I liked the mood..her expression..the seemed really sophisticated, while her expression was determined (senior, preparing to step out into life after childhood..), with the sunlight making her glow...innocence, beauty, purity, beginnings etc... Those were my thoughts with this, more than just following the trend at least.
No, I LOVE IT!!! lol this is the type of photo I love, and get torn a new one here by those who love monkeys!

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