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Nov 18, 2021
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Going in nature to take photos, sometimes you get nothing ... but sometimes it's just much more than you hoped for.
Beautiful April morning. I had hugged a tree and two young deer were coming towards me...30m...20m...5m... I took my photos (they were not disturbed by the shutter's noise...!!!???) and as didn't wanted to scare them, I started whistling slowly ...and they walked away slowly (looking from time to time in my direction).

Canon 6D mark II + Tamron 150-600mm, 1/1250, f/6.3, ISO 400.
The sun was in front of me. I was in Manual mode, RAW.
I saved it as jpg and in GIMP I wrote my name on it...Nothing else.


Opinions ???
Under exposed a tad- here's a 2 min edit in Photoshop 2022


Les :)
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It sounds like you had a nice adventure with them. If it were me I would have a go at it with my favorite post processing software. I would brighten up the deer without bringing up the background too much. I think the highlights in the grass surrounding the deer are a bit distracting. I would try and tame those also. And if you see them again, with those budding antlers, I might try for a head shot.
Thank you both for advices I'll try to play little with it in post processing.
I was thinking to crop it to see better the head with the water drops on his snout...but it becomes too grainy.
Yes, this encounter was just...magical.

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