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Oct 3, 2010
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San Diego
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I took some shots for a local barber shop as they needed some pictures for their new website. Here are some to share Enjoy!

If you like what you see shoot me a "LIKE" on Facebook Thanks!:D

Lighting I used:
22' Beauty Dish with sock
25' Soft box
Vivitar 285s

Feel free to ask me any questions! Thanks for looking!

MAG_5471_Edit by Mandrew_, on Flickr

MAG_5496 by Mandrew_, on Flickr

MAG_5510_Edit by Mandrew_, on Flickr

MAG_5659 by Mandrew_, on Flickr

MAG_0896 by Mandrew_, on Flickr

MAG_5418_Edit by Mandrew_, on Flickr

MAG_5572 by Mandrew_, on Flickr

MAG_5566_Edit by Mandrew_, on Flickr
Why all the tilts?

If this is for their website, wouldn't a customer or two in some of the shot be a good idea?
Why all the tilts?

If this is for their website, wouldn't a customer or two in some of the shot be a good idea?

The tilts they wanted some "Detail shots"
As for the customer part, yes I do have a few customer shots. I just have yet to edit them.
The tilts on the detail shots don't bother me as much as the tilts on the first and last photo do.

5 is probably your best photo out of the set. I can't comment too much on the rest because you didn't number them.
They look pretty serious about hair!!
Sorry, but I must say NONE of these looked inviting to me - - and more intimidating than anyting - - but then, I'm probably not their intended market.
Why do the barbers look like they wanna hurt me? Lol! I actually like the set from an artstic stand point(aside from the tilt
in the first one) but wouldnt make me want to go to their shop. but they look like they're trying to be "tough" cast members on a reality show. Like they're trying to give off a vibe like NY ink or hard core pawn or something.
More your speed...
I agree with Tyler on #5.

Why are there air hoses hanging from the ceiling?
Nice series. The ONLY complaint I have is the shadows over the eyes in #2. I don't mind the angles at all.

edit; the 7th one down (the right side) meh, I'm not a fan of.
Thanks for all the feedback guys! I should watch my tilt :x

They wanted to look "gangster" hahahaha so I went with it.
I dont really like the first two pics but all the ones after that are pretty good. Nice angles. I really like the one of the big guy with the mirror reflection. It really gives it added depth.
I like the 5th one. If they are advertising, they should try to get some in action shots or photos of their work.

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