Barn & Bridge

Chris Stegner

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Dec 27, 2007
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Ft. Thomas, KY
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I love to shoot covered bridge and I love to shoot Mail Pouch barns. I was really pumped to find this 2 weekends ago in New Albany, Indiana.

Thoughts on the image? And the square crop? The color went to hell when I saved for this post, but I still like the shot.

Thanks in advance!

Hey! So, is the photo about the bridge? the barn? both? I find that my eye likes them both, but the bridge has been cut off on the left -- so I'd rather see all of it, or much less of it.

I sort of feel that the barn is most interesting though, especially because of the signage on it. So probably, I'd rather see more of it.

Finally, the river and grass in the foreground is pretty boring. I'd either recompose to at least remove the grass, since it really does catch the eye unnecessarily.

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