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May 28, 2009
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Cincinnati, OH
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Took this from our hotel balcony this morning. I was actually going for a completely different look but was pleased with how it came out.


Took this one on a whim and was also kind of surprised with how it came out; I figured it would look like just a snapshot but I kinda like it. At first I thought all the people in the background cluttered it up, but I'm starting to like the girl on the left. No dirty thoughts, I think she's too young for that, I just think she adds to the beach theme and I like her pose. I don't own Photoshop otherwise I'd try to get rid of the people in the background. Can I accomplish that with Gimp?

i really like #1 the colors , composition etc. Not sure the capabilities of Gimp but rather than try to remove items later in PP try to work on getting an image without as many distractions in the background to start with then. Eventually i would recommend an investment in Photoshop or Lightroom both are excellent professional image editors
the first pic is gorgeous. surprise ya didnt see any sharks cruising around. Number 2 is ok. doesnt do much for me.
I have been using Gimp for almost 4 years now and I can tell you, there is pretty much nothing you can do in photoshop that cant be done it gimp. It is very similar, in fact you can even set up the interface so that it is almost identical to PS. I have been impressing PS users on forums for years with what can be done with a free program. Thats my 2 cents, try Gimp,what do you have to lose, its free and it is very powerful.
Oh and I like No#1 as well, very nice.
Wow, thanks for the kind words on the first photo! I've been thinking maybe I just will have it blown up and framed.

Yeah, I knew I should have watched the background in #2, but they only get the umbrella's out towards late-morning and then they put the lifeguard stands away at 4p, so there's pretty much no way to get this photo without people in the background.

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