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Nov 13, 2008
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In between her...
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Composition? Style? Yeah it's not as crisp but was done with my iPhone 4

+1 Definately for composition. I like the B&W also.

I'm a blackberry guy so iPhone 4? eehhhhhh. :lol:
right half is hot. left half is creepy.
nice balance ;)
i like it. go blackberry though. lol she is beautiful. smart idea w the B&W but i may have had some fun w editing and just put the lips in color.
I wish the lighting was better because the man @ left makes this a really interesting image.
I agree... first thing I look was the image in the mirror and thought great pic, then I see the dude.. not so cool...

Great thing for a pic taked with in iPhone
thanks guys! the man in the left is yours truly :peacesign: the girl is my wife :)
I do have a bunch of versions (probably like 20) of it. It was shot in color. It was before I had a DSLR and I liked playing w/ photoshop filters.

Here's a colored version (well one of them at least):


Yeah iPhone 4! :gun:

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