A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Oh my GOSH! Today was an awesome day :) Mr Rabbit and I celebrated Canada's birthday by going for a drive, we left without a plan, only to drive up the point and head for Tobermory. We had an awesome day and to make it way beyond cool we found this guy on a side road as we wound our way along the shoreline of Georgian Bay!

Oh darn you stopped...

You are going to stay in the car.... right?....

He ate for a while longer.

And one final glance before he disappeared into the woods.
Very nice set. We don't have bears around here but they're on my list.
Thanks Snowy :) The bears are slowly coming south, there are reports closer and closer to home every year, they are a few towns away this year. This fellow was on reservation land just outside a huge conservation area about an hour north of home.
very cool! I like the choice of aspect ratio and comp in #1. I like the bear in #4 but wish it was a little closer, still a great shot.
Thanks Chinujhon :)

Thanks Aloicious ;) he was pretty far away, I put my 100-400 on to shoot him and these are probably 1/8 of the frame, I probably could/should have used the same ratio on all of them, I quite like it in the first one also.
Thanks C :)
He was pretty unconcerned with us being there, a lady pulled up beside us while we were stopped, she was a local and said she saw him much earlier in the day in the same area, he just carried on eating while we chatted lol
I was totally full of adrenaline after we stopped, I spotted him and started going omg omg omg a bear! stop stop stop.... Mr Rabbit calmly stopped, u-turned and got me back in a good position despite me smacking him a couple times in the leg, what a good Rabbit :)
Haha I know right! How rude of us :er:
Thanks John :)
Kudos really nice set.Here in CT not known for bear country but in the last few years some black bears seemed to have found there way here in some parts of the state.I hope to catch one some day.I hope the Kodiak and Grizzly show up soon to.
Awesome set! I've only seen one bear here in CO and unfortunately it was before I owned my camera:grumpy: I got up early one day while camping and saw a head pop out of the grass on the hillside accross the creek(whew!). I made some noise so it knew I was there. As soon as I did it was off like a shot away from me(whew again!) For as big as they are they are reeeeally fast
Thanks Dave, Steve and Billy :)

Dave, bears seem to be moving further and further from their normal grounds every year in a lot of places, it's cool when people are smart about it and respect them for what they are but alas there are so many who push boundaries and forget that the bears were here first and that the bear will surely win the fight but ultimately not the battle.

Steve, they love that tender new grass for sure! Love your shot with the mosquitoes!

Billy, this is the first time I've seen a bear in many many many moons. Growing up we had a cottage in northern Ontario and bears were very common, we used to go to the dump in the evening and watch them and very often saw them around the cottage, I miss being able to share land with them like that.

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