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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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It's been a good month for photography here in Central Oklahoma. Highschool Football is back, and starting to get some business and helping other Photography friends with different projects and jobs that they have. (took off last week to help a friend with a destination wedding that was ultimately cancelled and instead shot in my home town.)

Here is a little sample of the month. Sorry, for it being a little picture heavy.

1) Early morning Egrets. (thanks to being on vacation during the week.)

2) Found this beauty the same morning.

3) A little B&W landscape.
Lake Landscape-22-Edit.jpg

4) Caught this one.
Norman North-MHS - 0328_.jpg

5) Defensive stand
Norman North-MHS - 0381_.jpg

6) Run forest, run.
Norman-MHS- 0081_.jpg

7) Catch me if you can.
Norman-MHS- 0315_.jpg

8) Wake surfing tricks.
Norris Marine Demo- 0289_.jpg

9) Wake surfing trick 2.
Norris Marine Demo- 0300 -Edit.jpg
Very nice, I especially like #1 and #8.
Nice set. I like that B&W landscape.
Beautiful set! Envious of al of these but especially the football shots.
They're all a bit small but look decent enough tho.
Those wake surfing shots are really nice too, Ron. Your shutter speed must have been pretty near even got water droplets in focus!

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