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Aug 20, 2010
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so i have seen a couple terms i dont know what they

First what is dodgeing ?

and second what is the thirds rule ?
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Dodging, with no "e" is the process of lightening selected areas in a photo; originally dodging was done under an enlarger's lens, by hold back or "dodging" the light, using a thin wire and a shaped piece of posterboard or cotton ball, etc, or by using one's hands to "hold back" the light, in order to lighten selected areas. BUrning in was often done with the hands, making various sizes of openings with your hands, or by using burn-cards or "vignetters"...burning in is the opposite of dodging.

Today, dodging can be done in image editing software, and it still refers to selectively lightening areas of an image.

The thirds rule is called more properly the "rule of thirds"; a quick Google search ought to give a good definition of the rule of thirds in something like 2,000 or so articles.
So i just want to say that i realize that i can google these questions and I do but i ask here because , i don't have to sort thru the crap that has seven million ads or be misinformed ,, SO ty to those who answered and since i find the bing in and why don't you google it answers a bit smart alecky on forum the spouse to be about learning i wont ask questions again ,, I'm sorry to be nasty, and I'm not offended and hope I'm not offending you ,, I'm just saying ,, again thanks to the ones who answered my questions
you will get sarcastic remarks that help you exactly big fat zero, but hopefully the people who post actually intending to help will outweigh those; hopefully

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