Biking in the mountains. C&C Please.


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Aug 17, 2010
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Calgary Canada
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Went and shot some promo shots for my friend on Saturday in the mountains (Canmore, Alberta) And here are the ones I really liked. Heres a little background info on me; I finally got back behind the lens after a 2 year absence. Prior to my leave I had been shooting for about 5 months and was improving but had to sell my camera so I could go on my vacation. I am now starting my journey all over again.I shoot mainly sports but love shooting landscape shots and Portraits (you can expect some of those from me too.) I still don't have Photoshop and I am awful with gimp.

All shot with a D3000 w/AF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR DX Lens. Unfortunately I do not own any filters or flashes currently so I had to work with what I had but I think they turned out well. I would love some constructive criticism.







Full sized images can be seen here ->
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Great action photos that trail looks RUGGED! I think your doing great with the equipment you have and the composition if good. :thumbup:
Would like to see the biker as more of the "subject" of the photo. It looks like you were trying some landscapes and some guy on a bike ruined the shot.
First off.....I'm no pro, but here goes what I see.

1). Your first shot is the best as far as lighting goes, but you have way too much fore ground. A tighter shot or crop would be a big benefit.

2). I don't really see the rider. My eyes just get drawn towards the bright spot on the ground and then the sky.

3). I like the prespective, yet again way too much foreground.

4). All scenery, stupid bike rider in the shot :p

5). Almost looks like a tighter crop of 4(even though it's not). I just wished you would have moved further to your right.

Take it all with a grain of salt, remember I'm no pro. It's just what I would have liked to see. Keep clicking and posting.



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