Bimini sunrise ,what do you think ?


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Aug 18, 2010
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Miami, Fl.
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shot this with my nikon s8000 did not take my d90 on this trip .
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"Theres gold in them darn waters"

I like how you waited to capture the sun behind the small clouds and then turned the photo into gold. The gold reflection off the water is drawing my attention.
Very nice golden sunrise feeling...but I also have the feeling of falling off the photo...horizon's a little slanted...sometimes a "Dutch Angle" works, but not for this type of composition.
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i think the photo looks great. very nice color
Dutch angles are good for some things, but probably not for a static scene like this. I was under the impression dutch angles were best used to convey tension, anxiety, suspense, etc.

To echo an earlier comment, the horizon is slightly slanted. I'm guessing you'll need to rotate between 1-2 degrees in GIMP or PS and you should be golden (lol).

Great sunset, love the temperature/warmth, silhouette, and reflections.
Great colors on those photos. Love the golden reflection of the water.
Thanks for all the replies guys and gals , in going to try and fix the horizon when i get home . Thanks again !
Beautiful colors. Really warm. I like it!
thanks ! fishing was pretty lousy , but we got the hogs free diving.
Its Bimini ... Its Morning ... Its Great! Let me grab Stratic and a D.O.A. lol.
Tho I would have backed a little and used the rule of thirds. 2/3 water or 2/3 sky. Would have helped out a lot! Otherwise great color and I like it.

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