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Sep 9, 2008
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Sunny South Florida
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Here is a pic I just took. Not a cute bird by any means just wanted to see what ya'll thought. Thanks in advance.

I like the bird...however, JMO, I wish there was something else in the picture...either more clouds a tree or something. It just looks too dull to me (other than the bird).
I like the lighting thats on the right wing
Ya i was just hanging out in the backyard with the dogs and this bird swoops down right by me and i was like i might as well shoot him no pun intended.
I identified that as a turkey vulture too. We have those monsters around here. Big ugly buggers, but really cool.

Nice shot, IMO. I've taken some attempts at some bird photography and it's no easy thing to pull off. That's a pretty sharp shot. Nice blue sky, too.
nikkor 18-105 f/3.5-5.6 and thanks everyone. I took some more to i will post up and i have some with clouds i will try and get em up.
Little too much saturation or vibrance for my tastes.
crop more of the sky out or add clouds (I know its possible, but im not sure how easy it is. I think my brother cut out the bird and put it on a picture of the sky. Something like that. Im not good with post processing. I make my brother do anything major :))
I agree with the above posts, crop out some of the blue. That's a great picture.
i like the shot i agree that there shouldve been something else in the pic

ive wanted to take a shot kinda like this for a while now but my camera suks they would have to be flying really low for me to get a decent shot

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