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Oct 6, 2008
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I've been interning at a nature center and here are some of the photos ive taken while being there. the raptors were on someones hand when i took them(i know its cheating)







thanks for looking
C&C welcome
Nice images! I am especially drawn to the raptors, Kestrel and Owl shot's are spot on! Being an avid Raptor guy myself i knew those 2 were in captivity, Kestrels are hard to get close to!

Nice job on all!
I really enjoyed the first photo ("frog on leaf")... really nice shot. The shots of the birds are also pretty cool.

The chicory shows the dark halos characteristic of a tad bit too much 'Clarity' boost in Lightroom, though. I don't know if you use Lightroom or not, but I suppose similar effects in other programs create similar processing artifacts.

The photo of the fly has potential... if only the background on the right side of the frame blurred to a smooth color as in the left side.

The beetle is kind of a snapshot, really... not all that exciting photographically.
Ooo, I like the "whatnots". Mostly so the frog. That photo sports my MOST FAVOURITE COLOUR ever! Plus I find it very well composed with the leaf forming a diagonal through the frame, and the way the frog holds his "hands" is so cute. Like the teacher's pet student. :D

I also like the two blue flowers.
Diagonal lines in photos DO have "something"! (And your sensor has a dust spot, look at that flower photo again).
thanks! I bought a lens cleaning kit after i noticed the dust spots. today i plan on making a small studio for some small insects. It will be nice to have more control over my subjects.

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