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Birds, Birds and more Birds


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Feb 10, 2006
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Got out yesterday and found a new hide

Blue Tit

Great Spotted Woodpecker


Coal Tit

Very nice set of birds but the Kingfisher for me.......
Beautiful photography as always!! Great to see you still around and hope all's well in these crazy times!
Absolutely fantastic shooting, Andy! So much to love here, but I agree the kingfisher with his catch really steals the show. Excellent exposures and compositions, as usual.

I will echo Overread in hoping all is well in your neck of the woods, and that it's great to see you posting.

I will have to snatch one of these for POTM. Have to decide which one!

Fantastic set.
Fantastic set! Especially the kingfisher. But all great
Very nice set. My favorites are #2 and the 2nd king fisher pic. Good job.
Beautiful images. The colours and sharpness are outstanding!
Can't disagree with anything that's already been said.
Amazing set- I love the Kingfisher - :)

Many thanks everyone

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