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Birds Perspective - Composition question


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Feb 12, 2012
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I'm in doubts about the composition of this picture. Every time when I get back to it, I think to see or feel a 3D effect, with the bird flying so low over the beach and in relation to the people in the background.
So I think I like it, at least, it started to grow on me.

Would be interested to see some feedback what your first thoughts were when you saw this picture. Interesting, completely off, strange composition, or even nothing? ;-)

Thanks for your time!

The human eye tends to follow motion in a photo.

With this composition the viewers eye is likely to follow the diagonal the birds flight is on, and out the left side of the photo which is where the gull is headed.. The people in the background do add some context and sense of depth. The photo is under exposed.

I have illustrated the diagonal I refer to above and one without the line. In both I have added a bit of light to only the sea gull.


Thanks KmH. That confirms somehow the feeling that I had that something was awkward. The composition is 'too late', so to speak, in that the subject departs from the frame too early, viewers eyes are off the picture already ;-)
It would be great if the bird would just fly or enter the frame and the background people are more on the left.

Good feedback, I'll put it into the back of my mind for upcoming shots ... even if that's not always possible, but trying to apply this, is good advise.

Thinking longer about it, actually I should have first check out the background better and position accordingly before taking any shots of the birds. Not other way around.

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