Bitter Jeweler and minions will love this. Sony A550 is TOAST

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Jul 28, 2010
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Well well, here we are again. On the photo forum bitching and whining and scrutinizing others. And name calling if we could get away with it.

Anyway, lets take us a little tour down memory lane. Shall we?
Ahh yes , I remember it like it was less than a month ago. My first DSLR, oh how I longed for it.
Oh that's right IT WAS less than a month ago.
No wonder it seems that way.
My, how time flies.

Yes, I'm afraid it's true, that's about the time I ran into you smart alecs asking for advice.
Anyway, I wanted a camera that would give many years of service to an amateur such as myself.

I had the lenses, and all I needed was a compatible DSLR.
The townspeople cried SONY, that will fit your needs and your lenses will work with it!!!!!!!!
Well that was it. My mind was made up and no one could change it. I have had Sony products before and they served me quite well.

That Idaho Potato guy tried to convince me to go Canon or Nikon............but did I listen?????????
Oh noooooooooooooo. I had to do it my way, because sometimes I think I know everything until I find out I don't........the hard way.

So I'm out in the back about a quarter mile on my own property having a lovely time imaging dragon flies, butterflies. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. Dry weather, no dust , nothing.
I shut the camera down for a few minutes. When I turned it back on .......boing.........CAMERA ERROR. Took the battery and SD card out for a few minutes, put them back in...........turn the camera on and then all of a sudden, the LCD starts flashing every function the camera has, scrolling right through them like there's no tomorrow. Tried to put it in auto mode.......she wouldn't have any of it and kept flipping back to program mode. Tried to put it in manual mode........damn thing steam rolled me and went right back to auto.
Turned it off and back on again.............nothing.
No power.....nothing.

I now own a high tech boat anchor.
Talked to Sony.........10 day turnaround.

Me: Well I want a new camera because this one is brand new. I don't want a lemon.
Sony Rep : Well that's not how we do it, bla bla bla.
Me: Oh really well Sony can $@@$ off, and I will never own another %%$ing Sony product.
Sony Rep: I'm sorry you feel that way.
Me: Yeah sure you are now gimme the #%$ing address to send it in.
Sony Rep: Sir, there is no need for that type of language. Click.
Me: Hello????? Are you there?? Hello???

So I had to start all over and be nice.........and it nearly killed me.
I will NEVER own another Sony product.

It's goodbye Sony , HELLO NIKON.
And I want a good one too.
Full frame.
With two lenses that closely match the two I have now.
Sigma 70-300 APO/Macro
and a 28-70.
And a shutter release, preferably wireless.

I am so pissed off right now I could rip someones head off for the slightest offense.
My entire weekend is shot to hell.
All plans are off.
And alas, finally, I am camera-less.

You probably shouldn't have sworn at the guy who was trying to help you.
Sell your pictures of weeds and use the profits for a new camera.

Seriously that sucks donkey d%$#
Bomb the internet.
Sony Rep: Sir, there is no need for that type of language. Click.
Me: Hello????? Are you there?? Hello???

Sony Rep: 1
I X L R 8: 0

I feel ya though. After my last Sony Vaio a few years ago, I swore to never buy another Sony product ever. Their old VCRs were super tough though!

You probably shouldn't have sworn at the guy who was trying to help you.
I doubt he was trying to help... He was trying to finish the day out so he could go home and drink some beer, lol.

That **** never happens with film... Just sayin'... Plus, it's full frame by default...


Big business could care less if you will ever buy their product again, because they know that there are millions of other morons out there that will.
I've worked tech support for several years, I would have also done the same. The guy on the other side doesn't have any malice towards you.. they are just doing their job. Its not like they immediately go into the call wanting to purposely piss you off and make you go in circles in frustration. If you have a probably with the service, you should have immediately asked for management... a person who carries the authority (that's why they get paid higher)

I've also worked in a computer systems disaster recovery site when things can get REALLY heated; 1 on 1 interaction with employees of the client company. There's a reason why there are two exit doors from the hotsite. One has a card reader which both clients and support personal have access to walk through. The other door, the support personal is the only one that has access. Why? So when people misbehave and become abusive (it does happen frequently with the social inept) , I can walk through the door and they can't follow.... essentially hanging up on them.

You want assistance??? you need to control your temper but be stern in a respectful manner. Being disrespectful gets you nowhere.

If you do the same to Nikon or Canon Support person, they'd probably do the same. Put yourself in their shoes... they probably get yelled at daily. I know I have and often for the most asinine crap that is almost always their own doing. I've seen groups push people into this type of behavior... erk on this behavior like a bunch drunks at a bar. its a problem with our society because we tend to reward disrespect. go figure.
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Did you even try bringing it back to the point-of-sale? Most places have a lemon policy that will let you return a camera or lens if it fails within a specified, short period of time.

You complain about a 10-day turn-around? I wish Nikon had that kind of service. Warranty repair on a lens is consistently three-to-four weeks, sometimes longer, from my door, to their door and back to my door. It's pathetic.

The only reason Nikon stays afloat as a business is because their products are very good when they do work, which, admittedly, is most of the time. Their customer service is a kick in the crotch, though. It's as if they have one repair technician working for all Canada.

If customer service is what you're after, I've heard a lot more good things about Canon's service than I have heard about and experienced with Nikon's, despite the shorter warranty periods. I've even heard of Canon repairing products for free beyond the warranty periods, though, it's not something upon which I would rely.
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Well, since you insist on calling me out as often as you can, I guess can only respond in the manner you request ...

:points and laughs:
Sucks to be you.
Leica repairs from within the U.S. for M8's was literally on the order of MONTHS!

Its gotten better since Leica USA has their techs and service departments equipped and properly trained (remember, M8 was their first "digital" RF). I'm still hearing stories of weeks turnaround.

Canon, I hear has a wonderful policy for professionals who work for a partnered media companies. They literally can walk into the nearest Canon dealer and get a replacement the same day (assuming stock).
Well, since you insist on calling me out as often as you can, I guess can only respond in the manner you request ...

:points and laughs:
Sucks to be you.


Seriously, though... try calling Sony back numerous times. I had an older Sony LCD projection TV that had a problem with the thermal cut-off on the projector lamp, and it literally melted the guts on my TV, nearly taking my house with it. It took me about three weeks of relentless calling, threats, hanging up on reps, requests for the legal dept, etc. But, I finally got a hold of a rep who was truly willing to help, and within a few days I had a brand new 52" Sony Bravia TV sitting in my living room.
Don't give up on just one call. If your camera truly was "brand new", and you still have the receipt ( you do, don't you? along with all original packaging, right?).... keep on 'em.
Oh, I see, he's irate over a ten day turnaround time.

Oh, I see, he's irate over a ten day turnaround time.


No , I'm irate because the POS broke in less than 30 days.
Lets see, I ordered it on august 3rd.
I received it on August 13th for a grand total of 21 days in my possession and then it craps out.

How long is it going to last next time around???
Another 21 days?????

I need a backup Camera.
It won't be a Sony.
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