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    I am would like to photograph people with a black back drop. I heard that it was best to use velvet (non crushed) backdrop. I have 4 lights and I use a Nikon D200. How hot do my lights need to be with a dark back drop? Do you recomend velvet? I am interested in any advice anyone can give me about photographing with black backdrops. Also I live in the Seattle where would be the best place to buy a black backdrop? Should I go to a fabric store?

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    I originally bought white muslin and attempted to dye it black. This caused me much frustration. I finally went and bought Black thatre muslin and I am much happier with it.

    If your goal is basically pure black for the background then the best thing to do is make sure no light (or as little as possible falls on the backdop itself.

    Set your main and fill lights to hit your subject with as little as possible falling on the backdrop.

    Seperation of subject from the backdrop will help with this. 4-5 feet from the backdrop helps immensly.

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