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Oct 13, 2015
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Good morning all

What do you all think of this camera strap Black Rapid RS-Sport Strap - Slimmer Version with Built-in Underarm Defense. I am seriously thinking of purchasing this. A couple of the reviews stated that the strap broke and the Cama drop to the ground. Has this happened to any of you. What is the quality of this product is it worth the $80.

Thank you very much
There are a number of threads regarding Black Rapid straps. Some people love them, others don't. I'm in the camp that loves them. I have a single (R7, I think) and a double and they see extensive use.
I've been using one for over a year now and I think they are brilliant, though I attach it via two parachord loops on the strap holding wire thingy rather than the tripod screw
I have a number of straps, including the BR straps, and I feel they're not at all worth the price they go for.
I don't have the sport model but I really like mine. I use it pretty much every week for sports and or photo walks.
I attach it via two parachord loops on the strap holding wire thingy rather than the tripod screw

I'd like to see what how that works exactly. I hang mine off the tripod mount via DIY strap and love it but not sure I want to try it with the 4 1/2 lb lens Fed Ex is bringing tomorrow...
Will the strap be able to fit on a tripod with the Arca Swiss mount without taking off the strap.
My black rapid has been through absolute hell, and still is as strong and fresh looking as the day I got it. i shoot a muddy race, paintball tournament, etc, and just throw it in the washing machine and it comes out looking brand new

Here you go. Basically a doubled section with an overhand knot 3 times. I saw a picture of a couple of breakages of the camera body which convinced me this was the best solution. Plus I can get a tripod plate on too. I carry my 150-600 via the tripod mount on the lens when its on the camera
I carry about 8lbs of camera and lens on the normal sport strap Hooked to the lens tripod mount. No worries here 8 lbs is really not much weight for a strap.

It's pretty nice, a little more comfy than the strap that came with the lens. Seems overpriced to me though but I do like the one I got.

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