Bladetail, for those that like rare dragonflies


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Nov 18, 2005
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Copenhagen Denmark
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It took a fair bit of stalking to get a pic of this guy, it was very shy, but on the last day of a trip to Montenegro I was lucky enough to get clost to it. I had been trying to creep up slowly but it didnt work untl, by crawling very slowly low on my belly in the dirt for about 20 mins I got to within about 20cm. I think this must be because it didnt disturb its idea of how the surroundings should be to suddenly.


Can you see the extra guest in the photo? I tried several times to get them both in focus but couldnt quite manage it without scaring off the main subject, alas i did scare it off just after this shot and didnt have enough patientce to take up the chase again.

I think it is a bladetail (Lindenia tetraphylla) which is suposedly quite uncommon. The nature in Montenegro is really amazing, almost everything turns out to be unusual somehow. But I think i was lucky getting near to it in the end anyway. If anyone can confirm or deny it would be very good to hear.

At night it was a little easier.


Thanks for looking

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Great shots and good to see you around again :)

And I missed the little extra one in the first shot! Great camoflage and really neat to get both in the frame (even if not both in focus its still a great capture). Sadly I don't have any reference books for that area of the world for dragons so I can't confirm it.
Many thanks Overread, nice to see you here too! I didn't really leave, but three kids and wife have been a little demanding time wise so not many oppertunities to take photos, or post, but always good to read and see the posts here even if not able to contribute much.



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