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Sep 6, 2010
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Fairfax, Virginia
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Hi i need a new lens for my Nikon N65 the last one i had was a 28-80mm manual focus lens. I want a decent lens but i dont have all the money in the whole world to spend. I would also like to keep it maual focus. I hope you guys can help me out with this. Any suggestions on products would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!
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A nikon 50mm f1.8 series E lens only cost around $30 on ebay. Optically it's significantly better then your last lens, but it's not a zoom; although it's focal length is right in the middle of what you used to have.

Another perk, besides the price, is just how small and light this lens is--I'm fairly certain it's the smallest/lightest f-mount lens nikon has ever made. :

the 50/1.8 Series E is 135 grams in weight, which is very small, and very light...the Nikon 45-P f/2.8 is only 120 grams, and even smaller! (flatbed scan image)

I got my 28-80mm lens with my N65..but mine AFs? I dont know why yours wouldnt. The Nikon 28-80mm F/3.3-5.6G AF lens..if thats the one youre talking about..is an extremely sharp lens for the price. I find it sharper than the 18-55 included in the Nikon kits today. Its almost as sharp as my 18-70mm $450 lens. I wouldnt undermind that lens..if its the same one I use.

thank you derrel for your suggestion! and Mark that is the exact one i was talking about AF 28-80 mm. Now i just have to find where to get it i guess ebay. I don't know if that would be reliable though
Ebay generally has them for around $90-100. You can try your local CL also. They generally have them for cheaper than that for both the N65 body and lens. My CL currently has a N65 body and that lens for $65. KEH.com may have some also. Amazon.com generally has them used for about $100 as well.

[ame="http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-28-80mm-3-3-5-6G-Autofocus-Nikkor/dp/B00005LEND/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1283897440&sr=8-1"]Amazon.com: Nikon 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G Autofocus Nikkor Zoom Lens (Black): Electronics[/ame]

Even better. $59!

I have a Nikkor 28-80mm AF-D lens...with aperture ring....Nikon made over a quarter million of these...as Mr. Rockwell wrote, "This crappy little plastic-mount $100 lens is a surprisingly excellent performer. In fact, this is the best example I've seen of a lens that stupider people will dismiss without even trying it, whereas in fact it is among the best midrange zooms I've used!"

Nikon 28-80mm AF-D

I bought mine as a Nikon refurb about seven years ago, and payed $59 for it.
Thanks guys for all the support and suggestions! I ended up getting a Tamron AF28-80 f/3.5-5.6 aspherical lens. I can return it in a week if i don't like it. :)
In my opinion, you should do just that and pick up the nikon counterpart. I have the G model, and I have used the Tamron model. The Tamron seems to have terrible distortion. Something that is missing in my Nikon model. Its also not as well built, IMO..


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