Boots in the sunlight, pretty cool looking!(my first post)


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Jan 16, 2008
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Washington state.
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Tell me what you think please!:)
I haven't done anything to this picture.

Cool shot!

I think a diptych would work better, with the second part showing the person.
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You got the step just right...toe on front foot up, heel on back foot up. Nice timing.

I wish more detail could be seen in the boots though. The fact that the sky and background (road) are blown out actually works in your favor. I would also clone out that bit of whatever in the upper right of the image. I distracts rather than adds IMO.

BTW, the image is a bit small. Image size can be 800 pix on the long edge.

Thanks for sharing.
I like the angle a lot. I agree with kundalini that a clone out of that thing would be useful. But yeah, it's an interesting shot and the perspective is pretty great. I like the shot. Welcome to the forum.

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