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Jun 19, 2009
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I know I post a lot of flower stuff but I thought I would post something a little

If anyone wants to give any C&C .........=)
I wanted to know if you like the crop or if you think it needs to be changed. Also I didn't know if you think the sun reflection behind the boat is too bright.

Wouldn't that technically be "masting" out?


In a word (or rather several words): I really like this image and wouldn't changea thing. Nice composition, unusual, and dramatic light; well captured!
I like the composition, but the sky looks kind of 'tired' - possibly due to the exposure setting. Also, the reflection of the sun behind the boat is blown out.

I know that is not an easy photo to make. Do you have a CPL or grad filter? If you plan on these types of photos, you may want to invest in some if you do not have them.
I like it. It's an excellent example of when the rule of thirds can be ignored. I wouldn't change a thing. Sign it and ship it.
Thanks guys for the comments!!!
I'll have to think about getting a filter. I'll be back up in Poconos in a couple of weeks. I'll try some more shots then. (fall in the Poconos is amazing)
Thanks Dan! ;)

I know that the reflection behind the boat is blown out a little (trying to brighten the picture made it look worse then it is ;)) Does it really detract from the picture?
It's a crop? How about allowing some more room for the boat to move into? I agree with pbelarge that the sky looks a bit as he put it, tired...the sky value is just not believable with the sky that high in the sky,and it seems like there is some banding in the sky on the right hand side of the frame. I'd like to see what the original framing was like.
You got it......when I get home I'll post up the original. Then people can play w/ it if they like. Unfortunately, there isn't going to be a lot more room on the left side. I have some other shots that I will play w/ and maybe get some feed back on.

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