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Sep 19, 2010
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Long Island
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I'm new to photography, I've only been taking pictures for about 3 months. I'd really appreciate some feedback positive or negative on some of my shots. I just combed through my pictures and picked the ones I like the most

Favorites. - a set on Flickr
A few pointers:

-If you want suggestions on how to improve, or comments in general, post in the beginner's forum. That's where most people hang out, and give constructive criticism.

-Post pictures, not a link to your pictures 99.9% of the people on this forum will not click your link.

-Post no more than 5 pictures at a time if you want us to give you feedback on what's good/bad about each one.

-Wear thick skin. Most of the replies will be constructive and nice, but some will be constructive and blunt. Not everyone on the forums has tact, lol. They don't mean you harm, they just see a lot of the same stuff and don't bother with the niceties.

Welcome to the photo forum!
Yeah I kind of figured the link was a terrible idea after I posted it. I followed your advice and just posted in the correct forum. Thanks :)

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