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Oct 20, 2008
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what are all the brands of DSLRs with the auto focus in the BODY and not the lenses? Thanks!
I am assuming you are asking which DSLR camera models have the AutoFocus motor drive in the body and not in the lens.

This is my guess:

all Minolta
all Sony
all Pentax
all Fuji
all Sigma
all Olympus

all Nikons have the motor in the body (I may be wrong here), but they do have lenses with their own motors (AF-i and AF-s)

all Canon EOS camera's have the motor in the lens.
The Nikon D40 and (I think) D60 lack an auto-focus motor. Maybe the D50 too, but I'm no expert.

Any reason why you need to know?
All DSLRs focus using the lens. None have an in-body focusing system where the sensor or lens flange move. Such a system will not work in an SLR configuration. If the sensor moved, the focusing screen and other related elements would also have to move. If the lens flange moved it would have to be able to haul any of the available lenses back an forth, both requiring a lot of horse power and would work too slowly to be practical.

The only body vs. lens differences in DSLRs, or AF film SLRs, is the placement of the motor. Some systems rely on each lens having its own motor (e.g. Canon DSLRs and EOS film bodies), some rely only the body having the motor, and some systems support both arrangements (e.g. Nikon, where most recent bodies support either type of lens but some older bodies bodies only support lenses that use the body motor and some like the D40/40x/60 support only lenses with motors).
thanks! i have the Nikon D40. and im trying to buy a new lens, but everything i read says "will not Auto focus on D40/40x/60"....what models by Sigma and Tamron WILL focus on the D40?
Anyone with a Silent Wave Motor (AF-S for Nikon), (USM for canon), (HSM for sigma), and I'm not sure if any Tamrons have a lens motor.

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