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Damn You!
Jan 21, 2006
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.. and Happy New Year everyone. :sexywink:


TY for lookin.​
That's amazing, and the way that the sunlight is streaming through the clouds is just perfect.
That is a really amazing sky!
Thats some fine shooting brother. Lovin this one. :thumbup::thumbup:
Chiller's expressing also my thoughts quite nicely!!!

Could it be I sort of know where you were standing when you took this photo? Is the island you never manage to get right only some 30 degrees further to your right? We did not go down where you were but were there, a bit higher up? Or am I totally mistaken?

Anyhow, what a sky!!! Wonderful. It means you got to see some sunshine of late! I would therefore almost need to envy you! ;)
Thanks guys.

although on my other monitor it looks a bit wrong... i have to re-calibrate my main comp i think.

and Corinna, no its not the same island you are thinking of, although its just in the next bay around. Also this was taken early last year and i just dug it out the archives... i still havent taken anything new for ages.
Wow, lovely shot. And great to see you posting, even if they're not recent pics.

The colour is wonderful, as is the capture of the suns rays shooting out from behind the clouds. What a peaceful spot

(I like your watermark design too...with the halo a little askew!)

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