Bridge at Accotink (before/after)


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Feb 18, 2013
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Springfield Va.
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I couldn't really find a place to post this so figured the General Gallery is probably my best location.

I shot this picture last winter and really didn't have much experience with my camera or with using LR4 or Photoshop. Today I was going through my pictures and wanted to play around with this and see what I could produce.

Well here... ya go.

Exposure 1.6sec
Aperture F/11.
Focal 122mm
ISO 100

1. Original

Bridge Original by Dan_Girard, on Flickr

2. Adjusted

Bridge Adjusted by Dan_Girard, on Flickr

Thanks for looking and appreciate comments and feedback.
I like this; processing-wise, I'd dial it back a tad; somewhere about 1/2 way between original and processed as you have it now. This would be an awesome location for shooting people at night, with fog, etc.
Thank you very much for looking and the comment.
I have to agree about dialing this one back a bit...more. Lot of potential with this shot. Here is one suggested PP edit.


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