Bringing home the CUP!!!!!


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Oct 11, 2012
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Sorry Boston. HAWKS are bringing home the Stanley CUP!!!!!!!!! YEESSSSSSSSSSS! I will be there for that parade for sure!
Unreal finish 2 goals in 17 seconds
Congrats kathy! I was hopin' my Pens would make it...sigh.
Maybe next time.
What a Bummer,Big bruins Fan.:grumpy: Oh Well Chicago was the best team all season long so they deserve it.
Last time I played I got 5 stitches across my jaw,I miss them days.No Blood,No guts,No glory.
Here's Boston's idea of a cup...
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excuse my science dork side, but thos cracked me up, NDT was talking about the Hubble and Stanley Cup Trophy

Kathy we are no longer friends.
...I thought Kathy was going to show two girls and a...well you get it.

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