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    Anyone see about the Scientist at Detrick that was being investigated by the FBI for the Anthrax "attack" in '01 right after 9-11? He committed suicide last week. Come to find out, my good friend's roommate is dating the guy's son. It's been crazy on the East Coast.

    She said the reporters even found out where their apartment was and followed them there. I think they even tried to follow the son and his girl into a restaurant last weekend. Apparently they took some time off to go to an undisclosed location to get away. I think it was Chernobyl if anyone's looking for them.

    My parents both currently work at Ft. Detrick and said that last week there were media vans lined up on the road to the main gate and helicopters flying over head.

    It's died down a bit and an article said the FBI may even close the case. It's kind of sad though as my friend said that there's all the accusations from a former therapist and other sources and that she would never have seen that in the father. The last guy they tried to investigate for the incidents ended up suing the government for $5.8 million. One source said the stress from the investigation and everything probably just got to the guy.


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