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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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This was the friendliest squirrel I have EVER seen. I think that he liked me taking pictures of him. When I first spotted him, he was in the middle of a path, and let me take quite a few before he got started and scampered a few feet over to a tree. Then we played ring-around-the-tree for about fifteen minutes before he got bored and just hopped away.

These are the only really good ones that I got with my HP. I was really nervous and trying not to startle him, and my hands were shaking a bit :blushing: and it was shady and eveningtime, so a lot of them on here ended up blurry. BUT I had borrowed my mom's film Rebel to try out my new Lensbaby, and I got some of this little guy with both the lensbaby and my mom's 78-215mm zoom lens. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait to finish up the roll of film and have it developed, so I thought I'd post these in the meantime :) Enjoy!

1. Taken with my HP's 3x optical zoom only -- I was only about two feet from him

2. No zoom, but I did crop a bit. I tried to put the camera on the tree trunk to steady it a bit.



5. My personal favorite :) He tried "hiding" like this for a minute or so

6. Portrait-style ;)

More buddy squirrel later when I get that developed!
Thanks for looking!
Big "awww"-factor here, particularly in Photos 4 and 5. How cute you also played hide-and-seek! That is soooooooo cute.
Loving the squirrel pics! #5 is way too cute!

I like watching two squirrels, one black, one grey, outside my office window when I can, and when you really take a good long look at them, they are quite entertaining creatures.

My husband and I tell our dog that they're "squirrelly-men", which is how she knows to look outside or run after them (not to worry, she'd never catch one in her 85-lb frame). :)
Thanks guys. It really did seem like he was posing for me. Silly squirrel!

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